Winners Outfit Haul For Under $150!

Going into Winners is like allowing a child to run freely in a candy store. Where do I begin? It's overwhelming!

I recently stopped by Winners to browse around with no intention on spending - then again, when does one walk out of Winners without purchasing, at least, one item?! I stumbled upon a few items in hand and realized, maybe I should challenge myself. And so I did. I gave myself a budget of $150 to create an appropriate throughout-the-whole-day look.

Challenge accepted and successfully completed! Check out my #FabFind outfit:

Winners Outfit Haul Challenge Fab Find Style Fashion Olive & Oak Blouse
Olive & Oak Blouse $24.99
Winners Outfit Haul Challenge Fab Find Style Fashion Max Studio Skirt
Max Studio Skirt $29.99
Winners Outfit Haul Challenge Fab Find Style Fashion Wallet Accessories olivia + joy new york
Olivia + Joy Wristlet $19.00
Winners Outfit Haul Challenge Fab Find Style Fashion shoes heels Chinese Laundry Pumps
Chinese Laundry Pumps $39.99

I managed to find everything and funny enough I spotted a pair of shoes that I bought from a past shopping trip to Winners (same price) and thought they would be the pièce de résistance! So in the end, my total (including tax) came out under $100! Amazing, isn't it? If I had more time, I would have checked out the accessories and perhaps the beauty/makeup section and still end up within the $150 budget. 

Compare at retail price total: $255.95

Olive & Oak Blouse: $40.00
Max Studio Skirt: $78.00
Olivia + Joy Wristlet: $58.00
Chinese Laundry Pumps: $79.95

Winners price total: $113.97

Savings: $141.98!!!

This goes to show that it is VERY possible to find a complete outfit at Winners under a budget that will not hurt your wallet friend. Go ahead! Challenge yourself at your nearest Winners and show me your #FabFinds! Happy Shopping!

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