What's In My Bag?

The bag I currently carry everything in on a daily basis is the Kate Spade Sophie Kennedy Park in black. Simple, lightweight, tons of space and the conveniency of grabbing this bag, throwing everything in and heading out the front door. I love this bag! With a nylon canvas, it's similar to Longchamp Le Pliage tote. I eyed on the two before making the decision to go for Kate Spade.

What's In My Bag Kate Spade Sophie Kennedy Park Black
Kate Spade Sophie - Kennedy Park Black

What's In My Bag Martha Stewart Home Office Notebook 8 Pocket Accordion File Kate Spade Media Carlisle Street Garnet
Martha Stewart Home Office Notebook. USB stick. Martha Stewart Home Office 8 Pocket Accordion File. Kate Spade Neda - Carlisle Street Garnet.

The essentials -- Every girl should have a zip around continental wallet, regardless of the brand or style. It's the perfect wallet turned clutch. I love being able to simply take out my wallet and treat it as a clutch for an evening out. I love this beautiful Kate Spade wallet as it's different from the rest with a soft patent leather and plated hardware, in addition to the pop of red! My wallet consists of undisclosed plastic cards, a few bills and change, business cards and bandages.

Although technology is taking over, I am still pretty old school. Pen to paper is something I cannot let go of. My notebook has a little bit of everything; my bucket list, goals and challenges, recipes, thoughts, even restaurants to check out and foods to try.

There isn't much on my USB stick, I carry it with me in case of emergencies and transferring files.

I wouldn't call myself an organized maniac but I love to stay organize. The accordion file stores all my receipts and coupons (+1 to all savvy shoppers).

What's In My Bag Make Up Pouch Bath & Body Works Fresh Market Apple Aveeno TUMS ice breakers holt renfrew L'Occitane
Ice Breakers DUO Raspberry. Holt Renfrew nylon makeup pouch. Tums freshers. L’Occitane Shea Butter Mini Hand Cream. Bath & Body Works Fresh Market Apple anti-bacterial hand gel. Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Condition with SPF 15.

Beauty Full -- It's safe to say I like to be prepared for any situation, not only for myself but for anyone (family/friends) around. I often have mints or candy because there are those random times where you just crave sweets. Tums Freshers are for anyone who suddenly has an upset stomach and also wants a fresh breath.

Clean and soft hands are important so hand cream and sanitizers come with me, always.

Chapped, dried lips are brutal, I carry many different types of lip balms in my makeup bag. I leave my Aveeno lip balm in the small compartment of my bag for easy access.

The makeup pouch came as a beauty bag trio from Holt Renfrew 2010. I love this makeup pouch because it's nylon (matches the Kennedy Park) and I am able to fit a lot of stuff. **I will be doing an upcoming post to feature what's in my makeup bag, stay tuned!** (UPDATE: What's In My Makeup Bag Post)

What's In My Bag ASUS Transformer. iPod nano with Multi-Touch. Canon battery. TNA coin pouch. Tablet. Phone chargers.
ASUS Transformer. iPod nano with Multi-Touch. Canon battery. TNA coin pouch (not pictured: Canon camera). Tablet & phone chargers.

Techie -- I love my technology as much as the next person and that's why I bring my chargers with me when I'm out and about all day long. Although the tablet does everything the phone does only on a smaller device, I prefer to use my tablet for reading, sharing and going through notes and the likes.

As convenient as it is, I do not consider my phone a primary device for taking pictures or reading materials, it's secondary. Hence, carrying a digital camera (not shown) and an extra battery.

Listening to music (or even podcast), especially during my downtime on the train, is my way of blocking everything around me and being in my element. I seriously can't leave my house without, at least, my earphones.

What's In My Bag Ted Baker canvas tote Michael Kors Sunglasses Forever 21 fingerless gloves tiffany & co key ring
Ted Baker canvas tote bag. Mini phone stand. Michael Kors sunglasses. Forever 21 fingerless gloves. Tiffany & Co key ring.

Misc. -- Not only is the Ted Baker canvas tote totally cute, I try my best to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Being a frequent shopper, carrying a few extra reusable bags is a step in the right direction!

Sunglasses are to protect my eyes from the sun, obviously!

I found these super cute fingerless gloves from Forever 21 and I knew I had to have them. Not only are they stylishly cute but for days where my hands are cold (from holding an umbrella) or for show, you can't go wrong.

So, why do I have a random phone stand. Well, the item is pretty self explanatory, there are times where you want to show something to someone at their desk (lets say, a video or slideshow) on your phone and you don't want to hold it, tada!

Last but not least, my keys. Besides keys on the key ring, I also have a few loyalty program key tags, and a mini flashlight.

What's in YOUR bag?

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