Autumn Attire

September is just around the corner and whether it is back to school, work, or just a regular day, a new season means it is time for a change in wardrobe.

Autumn is probably my favourite season with its cool breeze, colourful leaves everywhere, pumpkin spice lattes and of course, fall fashion! Although I enjoy summer and everything that comes with it; long nights, barbecues, juicy refreshing fruits (and smoothies), shorts and dresses, I cannot wait until the weather shifts. Just thinking of all that fun fall frenzy gets me excited. And because I love fashion and I cannot contain my excitement, I decided to browse through the sites of H&M and Zara and pick out some of my favourite pieces to style and share.

As trendy as one can be, I like to look for classic pieces that can be mixed and matched accordingly as seasons change. And so most pieces can be found in ones closet.

Look 1: Casual Chic

Autumn Attire Outfit Fall Fashion Style Casual Chic Zara

Stila Pro Artist Brush Set

The Stila Pro Artist Brush Set contains five "everything-you-need" makeup brushes that have been carefully curated by Stila's team of Pro Artists and packed in a travel-friendly pouch.

This is a great pouch for those on-the-go and do not have time to do makeup in one sitting. Not only are the brushes provided but not having to worry about what needs to be thrown-in because the basic beauty essentials were (hopefully) pre-packed, ready to be grabbed and go!

The pouch is simple yet very handy as the brushes have their own compartment with a clear flap which can be use to store anything from q-tips, blotting paper, to bobby pins and bandages. Then there is a main pouch to include all your beauty-needs

Stila Pro Artist Brush Set Review

A $149 value. The set includes an all over shadow brush, crease brush, eye liner brush, contour & blush brush, and a concealer brush. Take a look at the close-ups and read my thoughts on each brush.

Makeup by One Direction Collection Review

The Makeup by One Direction collection is (almost) here! A limited edition ensemble of makeup by the world's biggest band. Already available in Macy's, while Stage Stores, Dillards, Beauty Brands, and Lord and Taylor are set to release on August 25th. International releases are to follow soon after. I'm excited to try out and give you an exclusive insight of what is expected in the collection. So let's get started!

Makeup by One Direction Collection Review Midnight Memories Take Me Home Up All Night
L-R: Midnight Memories. Take Me Home. Up All Night

With a range of makeup and cosmetic products packaged in a limited edition collectible tin box, Makeup by One Direction celebrates a fun, unique and youthful style with a touch of cheeky mischievousness. Offered at an affordable price point for everyone, “The Looks Collection” comprises three collectible tins (Midnight Memories, Take Me Home, and Up All Night) inspired by One Direction's chart topping albums.

Makeup by One Direction Collection Review Midnight Memories
Makeup by One Direction - Midnight Memories Collection

My Fave: Summer Smoothies

Smoothies are probably one of the best beverages to consume. And it could not be any easier to make at home. Simply grab a blender and throw in any fruits and vegetables that are around. Now, you are probably thinking, that is a bit gross, re: throwing in any fruits and vegetables. But experimenting with different combinations will allow you to establish what tastes good together and what does not. I have tried several different combinations for a while and because summer time is a great time to have a refreshing glass, I thought it would be nice to share some of my summer favourites.

Please note, I do not use any measurements. I tend to eyeball everything. Whatever seems like the right amount is what I go for. When it comes to consistency, add about a half a cup of water (or milk) for a watery-juice approach. For a thick smoothie, add little to no water, or add in a banana or avocado. If sweetness is lacking, add in produces that are sweet. However, if it is a tad bit sweet, add in fruits or vegetables that are not as sweet to balance the taste. In the end, it all depends on knowing your taste buds and likings. Again, do not be afraid to experiment! Happy Blending!

Here are my top 5 favourite smoothies of the summer!

Favourite Summer Smoothie #1:

What You'll Need:

5 Simple and Delicious Summer Smoothie Recipes