Organize Your Nail Polish Collection

How to Organize Your Nail Polish Collection Different Ways

Nail polish. Those who have them, love them. And those who love them, probably have a beloved collection. But a collection comes with finding ways to store and organize those beauties without the hassle of searching through every bottle when it comes time to paint. Because let's be honest, no one wants to spend time searching for a colour, when all we want to do is paint our nails and relax. Also, with a collection big or small, it is sometimes hard to remember what colours you have and don't have. You may possibly end up with duplicates, as I have. 

Here are some different ways to store and organize your nail polish with an outcome that will put you at ease. 

Wall rack or display stand -- If you want to display your nail polish out in the open, a nail polish rack or stand is the perfect way. Not only does it display beautifully but being able to see every colour right in front of you, it is like a kid in a candy store! Reminder: Do not have it near a window or in the bathroom. Find a place that has little lighting as possible with a cool consistent temperature. 

Cosmetic case, Tupperware containers, boxes -- These are the ways I currently store my nail polishes. A great way to keep your collection under storage and won't interfere with lighting and temperature. And always remember to keep your nail polishes upright.

How to Organize Your Nail Polish Collection Different Ways Sephora Collection - The Vacationer Target - Caboodles Nail Case

How to Organize Your Nail Polish Collection Different Ways IKEA - Garnityr Box

How to Organize Your Nail Polish Collection Different Ways IKEA - Kassett Box

The only downside to having nail polish stored, is that you end up searching for the colour you want. Fret not. With a few supplies that can be found around the home, craft store or at the local beauty shop, there won't be an unorganized nail polish collector out there! 

If you can get your hands on a nail wheel or swatch sticks. Simply swatch every single nail polish and label it. You can also number them and input the colour and number onto a spreadsheet. If spreadsheets aren't for you, number the top of each nail polish bottle (if possible) using number stickers or masking tape. Every label or number indicated on the swatch will correspond to its bottle. 

How to Organize Your Nail Polish Collection Different Ways Sally Beauty Supply - Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Art Wheel

Another method would be to use sticker paper (found in office supply or craft stores) and a 1-hole puncher or scissor. An alternative for sticker paper would be to use masking tape or a piece of white paper and clear tape.


Take your nail polish and create a small swatch on sticker paper, masking tape, or paper. Wait for the polish to dry.

Next, take your 1-hole puncher or scissor, punch in or cut out the swatch and stick it on top of the nail polish bottle. 

If using paper, use the same method as above but use clear tape to tape down the swatch on top of the bottle.


How to Organize Your Nail Polish Collection Different Ways

Let me know in the comments, how do or did you store your nail polishes? 

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