philosophy hands of hope

philosophy hands of hope Review

Cold winter days equals dry unflattering skin and nobody likes the feel of that, especially on the hands. Formulated with shea butter and a blend of natural oils, hands of hope by philosophy hydrates and smoothes dry hands to help provide long-lasting moisture for softer hands. Sounds promising, I decided to put it to the test.

Get Inspired: Chinese New Year

In any celebration, togetherness plays an important role. Chinese New Year does not shy away from that. Spending time with family and friends is key, so much so the celebration traditionally goes on for 15 days!

Get Inspired: Chinese New Year

While being with loved ones on this festive occasion is one thing, it is also an opportunity to enjoy some culinary traditions and fashion, can't forget the fashion!

Valentine Beauty

Your outfit is picked and plans are set but what about the rest? Whether you have plans with your significant other, celebrating Galentine's day (February 13!) or casually going on with your day, get into the spirit of Valentine's day and spice up your beauty regimen!

Pucker Up!
Reds to pinks are gravitating colours when it comes to this romantic occasion, but it doesn't always have to be. Dare to step out of those red lips and go for a nude or mauve.
Tip: To create a fuller looking lip: outline lips with lip liner, lipstick next, and lastly apply a dab of gloss onto the center of your lips. Muah!

Valentine Beauty Makeup Cosmetics New York Color H&M Matte Lipstick Lancome Clinique
L-R: New York Color Expert Last Lip Color - Smooch. H&M Matte Lipstick - Red. LancĂ´me - Pretty Burgundy. Clinique Long Last Lipstick - Glow Bronze.

My Fave: Moisturizing Lotion for Hands

Putting on any moisturizing lotion is one thing but finding the right one is everything! Dried skin is an absolute no, especially during the cold winter season. What I look for in a hand lotion is texture, scent, long lasting, and does it actually moisturize my skin? I have tried many hand lotions - some specifically for the hands and others which are moisturizers for the body. From drugstore to higher-end brands, there was a ton of hits but I managed to narrow it down and conclude this to be my #1 favourite in the moisturizing hand lotion department.

Why I love it: A gentle lightweight texture which goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly. Once applied, my hands instantly felt softer - almost as silk, no greasy feel or stickiness. My hands felt moisturized even after countless hand washes throughout the day, there was no need to frequently reapply. There was also no scent attached. Although the product states "fragrance free", I was pleasantly surprised to know it did not have the scentless scent. Lastly, this is a drugstore find, so not only is it a great product but it won't break the bank.