In any celebration, togetherness plays an important role. Chinese New Year does not shy away from that. Spending time with family and friends is key, so much so the celebration traditionally goes on for 15 days!

Get Inspired: Chinese New Year

While being with loved ones on this festive occasion is one thing, it is also an opportunity to enjoy some culinary traditions and fashion, can’t forget the fashion!

When it comes to Chinese New Year, there are a range of foods to have on hand to ensure a prosperous, healthy and happy year. Those include tangerines/oranges, noodles, leafy greens, sweet desserts, and many more. But enough food talk, let’s talk fashion. Just like food, fashion is just as important.

Get Inspired: Chinese New Year Outfit Fashion Style

Traditionally, it is said to wear something new from head to toe to start the new year right. While some still wear traditional Chinese clothing, many stick to the Western-style wardrobe, either way, it is a great excuse to go shopping!

But do note, there are a few taboos/superstitions many follow during Chinese New Year, colour is one of them. If possible, avoid wearing black or white clothing as it is “unlucky”. However, red symbolizes good fortune and gold is good luck, so why not incorporate them into your outfit for the next few weeks.

Traditional Chinese clothing can be found in Chinatown. But if going all out is too much, look for a silk top with floral or Asian inspired prints. Or take the casual route with a red cardigan, dark denim and pairing it with a statement necklace.

If dressing in spirit is not your forte why not accessorize. A gold watch or a clutch are a few great subtle accessories.

Get Inspired: Chinese New Year Fashion Accessories Style

And while your at it, go ahead and decorate those nails. Crabtree & Evelyn have a few nail polish shades (pictured below: Tomato, Apple, Copper, Gold) that go perfectly with the Chinese New Year theme.

Get Inspired: Chinese New Year Nail Polish Crabtree and Evelyn

Whatever you decide to do during this festive time, don’t take it too seriously, have fun and spend this time with family and friends (and eat lots of food!).

Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Hei Fat Choi!

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