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Lipidol Skincare Cleansing and Overnight Face Oil Review

The first step in caring for skin is helping it retain its moisture. Daily washing, dry climates, heating and air conditioning all allow moisture to escape. The advantage of using oil in daily skincare is that the skin’s natural oily layer is continually being supplemented. Introducing Lipidol, a new line of cleansing and moisturizing skincare oils for face and body from the makers of Bio-Oil. Lipidol helps protect skin against moisture loss. It is suitable for sensitive skin and is non-comedogenic.

Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil

Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil Review

Lightly fragranced with Rosemary and Niaouli essential oils. This cleansing face oil removes dirt and makeup without stripping the skin’s natural oily layer. Simply apply to dry face, the dirt and makeup will bind with the oil. Add a little water and continue massaging; the oil will emulsify to form a watery cream that rinses away easily.

I have never tried an oil cleanser before. It was definitely a new experience. Before using the product, I noticed there was a lack of instructions. The instructions were there but they were not very clear as to how much product to use. Do I dab a tiny amount around the face or drench my face in a generous amount? After a few attempts with a small amount and noticed nothing was happening, literally. I opted for a quarter amount onto my palm. Success!

Once things were figured out, I actually liked the product, minus the scent. I was not very fond of the scent but luckily it does not linger for long. The feeling of just applying oil on top of a dry face with makeup was a bit weird but after adding water and letting it form a watery cream, it wasn’t so bad. It cleansed away all my makeup. I was hesitant if the oil did anything, but once water was applied, massaged and rinsed off, I definitely noticed that ALL my makeup was off, even on days where I had a full face of makeup. For reassurance, I used a makeup remover wipe around my face, lo and behold, the wipe was clean.

Lipidol Overnight Face Oil

Lipidol Overnight Face Oil Review

Supplements the skin’s natural oily layer stripped away by daily exposure to the elements. Lightly fragranced with essential oils of Ylang-Ylang and Black Pepper. Apply to face at bedtime to increase moisture retention and enhance overnight rejuvenation.

Again, I wasn’t a huge fan of the instructions given on the package – it left me with more questions than answers. I know you apply the Overnight Face Oil on the face before going to sleep but can I apply it over other product used or does it need to be a clean face? I ended up just using the Overnight Face Oil on nights after I used the Cleansing Face Oil. The oil definitely felt like oil was applied to the face. However, it set into the face fairly quickly and didn’t leave my face feeling or looking like a greasy mess.

Overall, I love the simple, clean, minimalistic packaging. I just wished the instructions were a little more clearer. I wasn’t sure if I can apply moisturizer after using the Cleansing Face Oil. I left it as is and used the Overnight Face Oil before bed. It felt weird the first few times of just using the cleanser and not moisturizing after. But luckily my face felt fine with no reactions, stiffness, or dryness. I don’t know if it did anything to my face – I didn’t notice a miraculous difference after a few days of use besides the feeling of a clean face. That being said, I slightly noticed my face was less oily-looking waking up versus days when I didn’t use Lipidol products.

Have you ever tried skincare oils before? What are your thoughts on Lipidol skincare oils?

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2 thoughts on “Lipidol Skincare Oils”

  1. I love using skincare oils! Currently, I'm using an Asian skincare brand called Dr. Morita. I use it to remove full coverage foundation. I love how moisturizing it is and the oil really cuts through makeup and dissolves it.

    I've never tried Lipidol, but I agree with you. Minimalist designs are great but only if they are informative as well!

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