Vichy Ideal Body Care

My first serious skincare routine started when I was an early teen. I was browsing the aisle of a drugstore and a beauty consultant lured me in with a mist of thermal water and started to showcase a bunch of the brand's products. Talk about pressuring a customer for a sale. Luckily, no pressure was made to purchase their product but I was given tons of samples and instructions on what to use when. I gave them a go and I was impressed at what it did to my skin. Of course, my teenage skin was already at its best but after trying a few samples from this brand, my skin was, dare I say, amazing! So who is this brand? Vichy. Most popular in Europe and in my daily skincare life, Vichy is a premium brand of skincare, body care, make-up and anti-aging products.

Vichy Ideal Body Care: Spa Shower Gel-Cream, Body Serum Milk, Replumping Lip Balm First Impression Review

I have tried numerous skincare products from various brands and love them all but Vichy holds a special place in my heart (and for my skin). And although Vichy is one of my favourites, I haven't tried all their products, mainly because it's not suitable for my skin type or I haven't explore that collection. One of which is the Vichy Ideal Body Care line. Body care is just as important as skincare for the face, so I was excited to give the Ideal Body Care line a try.

Show Off Some Shoulders

Trends come and go... and then they make a comeback.

Summer Trend: Off the shoulder. Top 10 favourite off the shoulder styles

Off-the-Shoulders, the fashion trend of the summer season. Crazy enough, during this year's spring cleaning, I found a storage box of clothes hidden in the basement from well over 10 years ago. I believe I was suppose to drop them off as hand-me-downs for family back then but it never left the house. Thankful for a growing family, I still can pass this box of clothing to the youngest members of the clan and hope they can retrieve a few beloved pieces. That being said, I found some off-the-shoulder tops that look and fit better now then it did when I was a teen and they're not getting their hands on them.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL Eye Pencils

A long-wearing, waterproof eye pencil that pairs ultra-creamy glide with instant colour intensity?! YES, PLEASE!!!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL Eye Pencils M-10 Matte Black M-92 Matte Pastel Purple Review Swatch Generation Beauty Toronto 2016

MAKE UP FOR EVER had joined forces with pop star Charli XCX to create this collection of Aqua XL Eye Pencil Waterproof Eyeliners. Charli's bold, artistic, transformative nature and energetic stage presence exemplify the creative spirit of MAKE UP FOR EVER and the Aqua XL collection.