Baking season!

Fall is here!
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It may be call Autumn/Fall but I call it baking season! I mean, I bake all year round but during this time of the year, I do the most baking. I have posted a few recipes in the past and thought it would be appropriate to share them once again in honour of the first day of Fall! Cheers & Enjoy!

When in Glossier

Glossier Studio Toronto

From being known as "Super Intern" on The Hills to the founder of the blog, Into The Gloss and beauty brand, Glossier. Emily Weiss is who I consider an inspiration, role model, #girlboss! When I heard Glossier was shipping to Canada, I was excited. Finally, I can stock up on my favourites instead of waiting for my next trip to NYC.

But then Glossier announced it was coming to Toronto for one week, I was ecstatic. I mean, have you seen the Showroom in New York? Tons of inspo, Instagrammable features, and beauty products galore! It was a no brainer that I had to make the trip to the studio. Let me just say, it's everything you can imagine. It was like if my blog was a room, this would be it.

Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara

Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara Review

I'm picky when it comes to mascara. With short, sparse lashes; I need volume, length, and of course it better not smudge, clump, or flake. So, I'm always in the search for the best mascara. And each new mascara I try (for the most part), seems to be better than the last.

Let's start stirring up trouble with your badass lashes - Urban Decay Troublemaker mascara will outlast even the most scandalous nights. Troublemaker holds up in hot and heavy situations and still looks good in the morning. This formula layers beautifully without clumping, so pile on as many coats as you want.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask Information and Review

Acne is a condition that affects your full face, not just individual breakouts. Therefore, treating your entire face is important. During my teen years, I had little to no acne which allowed me not to go through that awkward embarrassing stage. Scored one in the books!? Not so fast, had I known adult acne would come and haunt me (literally), I would have wished for teen age acne, have it cleared up before age 20 and be a hopeful clear skin adult!

Because that wasn't the case, I have been dealing with acne for the past few years. It has gotten better over time and now I'm dealing with mild acne, almost reaching to the point of clear skin! I found a skin care routine that works and with the additional help from Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask, I think I'll have clear skin any day now.