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Helena Lane Organic Skincare Cleanser Serum Facial Oil Reviews

Helena Lane Organic Skincare is a cruelty-free, face and body brand, handmade by Helena in Squamish, British Columbia with certified organic and plant- or mineral-based ingredients.

Skincare is always important but as the weather gets colder, it’s crucial to keep the skin as moisturized and hydrated as possible – especially since our skin is drier than usual, many thanks, heater. Check out some of the Helena Lane Organic Skincare products I’ve been using this winter that are keeping my skin nourished all day long.

Helena Lane Organic Skincare Chamomile & Mandarin Nourishing Cleanser

Helena Lane Organic Skincare Chamomile and Mandarin Nourishing Cleanser Review
Helena Lane Organic Skincare Chamomile & Mandarin Nourishing Cleanser – $36.00

Using 100% certified organic ingredients, this gentle and nourishing cleanser effectively removes dirt, make-up and pollution while supporting and maintaining skins protective barrier. Chamomile and Calendula soothe and cool sensitive and irritable skin while Jojoba oil regulates sebum production in dry and oily skin. This cleanser is safe to use around the eyes and also dissolves waterproof make-up.

How To Use:

  • At night, take a pea sized amount of cleanser and massage into a warm damp face and neck.
  • Leave it on for 2 minutes or use as a mask and leave it on for 20 minutes.
  • Remove with a warm damp cloth. If you are removing lots of dirt or make-up you may need to repeat.
  • The goal is to not need any product after cleansing, however apply a moisturizer if needed.

I love to start off my skincare routine with a double-cleanse and lately I’ve been obsessed with cleansing balms as the first step of the double-cleanse. And this nourishing cleanser from Helena Lane does a great job at removing any and all traces of product left on my face (including waterproof makeup). The cleanser smells citrusy and has a sherbet-like formulation, it transforms into an oil and emulsifies when massaged into skin with water. On days when I’m not wearing makeup, I would apply a little bit more than a pea size amount and for the days that I do, I repeat the cleansing step to fully remove all the products off.

After removing the cleanser off with a damp cloth, my skin felt cleansed but also very smooth and not drying. And although adding additonal products are not needed and I felt my skin can walk away after simply cleansing, I still went ahead and applied my serums, oils, and moisturizer as it’s a skincare routine habit.

Helena Lane Organic Skincare Nourishing Rose & Frankincense Hyaluronic Serum

Helena Lane Organic Skincare Nourishing Rose and Frankincense Hyaluronic Serum Review
Helena Lane Organic Skincare Nourishing Rose & Frankincense Hyaluronic Serum – $46.00

This ultra-lightweight serum contains hydrating hyaluronic acid and skin nurturing plant hydrosols to give the skin a moisture boost. Using 97% certified organic ingredients such as: Rose, Frankincense and Blood Orange which support skin regeneration, healing, and toning. Sodium hyaluronate hydrates and increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture, preventing moisture loss via evaporation, giving smoother, plumper and softer skin.

How To Use:

  • After cleansing, pump 2-3 drops of serum onto fingertips and press gently into face and neck. Layer under moisturizer or face oil.
  • Alternatively: After cleansing, mix a few drops of the serum in the palm of your hand with moisturizer or face oil and apply gently to face and neck.

Hyaluronic Acid have been all the hype in the skincare world for a while now and for a good reason as it’s a good moisturizing ingredient. Of course, there are a lot of other ingredients out there that are also moisturizing and it’s never a one ingredient fits all situation. Let’s face it, anything to keep skin moisturized is a win in my book.

In this case, this Helena Lane Hyaluronic Serum kept my skin hydrated especially during the winter months. The serum comes in a pump dispenser and for me, two pumps is generously enough to cover my face and neck, it also doesn’t have a strong scent and very lightweight. It absorbed almost immediately once applied, leaving my skin feeling and looking plumped and soft.

Helena Lane Organic Skincare Pomegranate & Lemon Nourishing Facial Oil

Helena Lane Organic Skincare Pomegranate and Lemon Nourishing Facial Oil Review
Helena Lane Organic Skincare Pomegranate & Lemon Nourishing Facial Oil – $36.00

This facial oil is a richer blend of oils created to fight hyper-pigmentation and other negative effects of UV while smoothes, softens and creates true radiance skin. Made using 100% certified organic ingredients such as: Camellia oil which nourishes and revitalizes mature and damaged skin. Rosehip seed oil is rich in essential fats and vitamin A. Pomegranate oil contains unique compounds known to heal and regenerate skin damaged by UV, reducing hyperpigmentation and scarring. Frankincense tones and regenerates the skin. And steam distilled lemon essential oil is highly effective at lightening pigmentation, as well as providing a light lemony scent.

How To Use:

  • Warm a few drops of face oil in your fingertips and press gently into the face and neck. Best applied after, or mixed with a Hydrating Mist.
  • Best used at night after cleansing, but can also be used as a light daytime moisturizer.

I always love adding facial oils into my skincare; the feeling of pressing a lightweight oil into the skin, letting it absorb and enjoying the glory of glow for a hot minute feels rejuvenating.

This facial oil from Helena Lane comes in a dropper and has a scent of frankincense and lemon. It’s a very lightweight oil and absorbs almost immediately into the skin and doesn’t leave an oily finish. My skin always feels nourished and looks radiant after application.

What are your thoughts on these Helena Lane Organic Skincare products for the winter? What is a must have in your skincare? Are you someone who prefers a simple (quick and easy) or extensive (multiple step) skincare routine?

Love these products? Perhaps you want to gift these products for yourself or someone you love? Check out my gift guide featuring a variety of products from Helena Lane Organic Skincare.

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