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essie Treat Love and Color Strengthener Nail Polish Review

Whether I go out with a fresh manicure or bare nails, I have always been told my nails are nice and healthy. I take it as a compliment, my nails do look good, even when they’re bare.

I always look for nail polishes (especially base coats) as well as nail polish removers that are formulated to strengthen the nails. essie’s Treat Love & Color provides a 1-step care and colour formula to strengthen normal to dry/brittle nails.

essie Treat Love and Color Strengthener Nail Polish shade 22 In A Blush Full Coverage Creme Review

In just one week, essie’s Treat Love & Color provides stronger nails, 60% less peeling and 35% less breakage. Its breathable nail care formula is infused with collagen and camellia extract with brightening pigments which allows nails to look instantly perfected. One step care and colour, no base coat or top coat needed.

essie Treat Love and Color Strengthener Nail Polish shade 22 In A Blush Full Coverage Creme Review

I’m a fan of essie nail polishes, their colours and names are always creatively amazing and I was super excited to try out their Treat Love & Color nail polishes. The fact that there’s no need for a base or top coat AND strengthen the nails, it’s literally an all-in-one nail polish! I absolutely love the shade “in a blush”, it’s a lovely soft floral white cream shade – a great choice for those who love neutrals on their nails.

While the shade and claims are great, I couldn’t help but dislike the brush as it created streaks. The only way for it to not show any streaks is if I applied 3-4 coats, which ended up making the drying time longer. Other than that, I really liked how smooth and opaque the nail polish turned out. By Day 5, the nail polish still hasn’t chipped. In terms of nail care, my nails do feel a bit “stronger” but I haven’t noticed a huge difference.

Overall, I do love the formula and how no base and top coat are needed. I would have to repeatedly use this product for a few weeks to really see if there’s a huge improvement in my nails. As of right now, this product is more for the colour than the treatment. Would I repurchase? If the brush was better, definitely. The all-in-one from this nail polish has won me over.

What are your thoughts on essie Treat Love & Color? Have you tried this product before? What’s your favourite nail polish shade?

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22 thoughts on “essie Treat Love & Color”

  1. Sounds like a great product but the brush streaks would drive me crazy! I definitely love the idea of it not requiring a base or top coat and that it helps strengthen the nails though.

  2. Too bad about the streaks that would drive me nuts! I'm terrible at applying nail polish so I wouldn't be able to fix it lol. Love the colours though!

  3. This new formula sounds great! I don't know if I could skip a top coat though, I just love the smooth shiny finish that it gives.
    Does it have the same small brush as their other polishes? I'm not a fan of their brushes… why so small?!?

    1. This does add a nice smooth shine but if you want that extra bit of gloss on the nails, go for a top coat 🙂

      Yup, it's the same small/skinny brush as their other polishes 🙁

  4. I tried In-digo For It! from this collection and didn't have any brush issues. Maybe some wonky brushes made it into the mix or maybe it just doesn't play nice with such a light colour.

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